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Insercion Sociolaboral Altamar Pdf 18l

Insercion Sociolaboral Altamar Pdf 18l

Insercion sociolaboral (social and labor insertion) is a term that refers to the process of integrating people who are at risk of social exclusion into the labor market and society. It involves developing personal, social and professional skills that enable them to access and maintain a quality job, as well as to participate actively in their community. Insercion sociolaboral is one of the main objectives of social work and social education, especially for vulnerable groups such as immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, young people, women, etc.

Altamar is a Spanish publishing house that specializes in educational books for different levels and fields of study. One of their catalogues is dedicated to the field of social services and community work, which includes books for the training of social integration professionals. One of these books is Insercion sociolaboral, written by V. Romero, S. Vidal and M. Juez. This book covers the main topics and contents related to the module of insercion sociolaboral in the curriculum of the higher degree in social integration.

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The book Insercion sociolaboral by Altamar is available in both physical and digital formats. The physical book costs 34 euros and includes access to the online platform of challenges and multimedia resources. The digital book costs 19 euros and contains the complete and interactive digital content, as well as access to the online platform. The digital extension costs 5 euros and adds the complete and interactive digital content to the physical book. The Moodle course costs 18 euros and provides the complete digital content if your center uses an educational platform. The challenges and resources pack costs 14 euros and gives access to the online platform of challenges and multimedia resources, but does not include the contents.

The book Insercion sociolaboral by Altamar is divided into three units: Unit 1. Context of social intervention; Unit 2. Training in social and labor skills; Unit 3. Supported employment. Each unit consists of several learning outcomes that cover the following aspects: characterization of the context of insercion sociolaboral, planning of the intervention and identification of needs, training in social and labor skills, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the process of insercion sociolaboral, insercion sociolaboral of people with disabilities and supported employment. The book also includes activities, case studies, self-evaluation tests, glossary, bibliography and webography.

Insercion sociolaboral by Altamar is a comprehensive and updated book that offers a theoretical and practical approach to the field of social integration. It is aimed at students, teachers and professionals who want to learn more about this topic and develop their competencies in this area. It is also a useful resource for anyone who is interested in improving their social and labor situation or helping others to do so.

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